Valentine's Heart
Say Happy Valentines or “I love you” with an origami heart. The NetFlix red-and-white color scheme is perfect for this project.

Step 1:
Fold in half the short way. 
Step 2:
Unfold and lay flat, then fold the two top corners toward the center, aligning the edges with the crease you just made in the middle.

Step 3:
Fold up the bottom two corners in the same manner, so the edges meet at the center crease. There will be overlap with the previous fold on the outside two corners.

You should end up with a square/diamond shape. Turn this face down.

Step 4:
Bring the top point of the square down and fold to meet the bottom corner.

Step 5:
Fold each of the outside corners in about an inch and crease firmly.

Step 6:
Fold the top corners in and down, so that their edge aligns with the edge of the horizontal fold.

Step 7:
Fold the inside corners in slightly to complete the top “curves” of the heart shape.

Press all creases firmly and turn over.

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