Hopping Frog
This cute frog is content to hang out on your desk or tabletop, but he
can also hop away with a little help.
Step 1:
Fold in half the short way. 
Step 2:
Unfold and lay flat, then fold the two top corners toward the center, aligning the edges with the crease you just made in the middle.
Step 3:
Fold the bottom up so the crease is right along the bottom edge of the triangular flaps.

Step 4:
Unfold the paper and flatten out, then refold just the bottom part.

Step 5:
Fold the bottom corners up so they meet in the middle and their edges match the top edge of the paper.

Step 6:
Unfold those triangles, then refold the triangular flaps from the top corners.

Step 7:
Unfold all creases except the fold along the long side. Turn the paper over.

Step 8:
Fold both ends toward the middle, so they meet at the center crease.

Step 9:
Unfold (except the long side) and turn over. You should have a square/diamond shape in the middle with a triangle at either end. Push in the creases on the sides of the paper to form “peaks”.

Step 10:
Fold the side creases so they collapse inward, and flatten the triangular portions against the square.

Step 11:
Lay flat so that the unbroken side of the square is face up. Take two opposite corners of the square and fold them toward the middle so the outer edges align with the center crease.

 Step 12:
Unfold the sides and fold the bottom up at the points that the side creases end.
Step 13:
Holding the bottom fold in place, open the small pockets on either side.

Step 14:
Take the outer corners and tuck them into their respective pockets.

Step 15:
Turn over. Fold the side flaps upward so their points meet at the top.

Step 16:
Fold this part outward so the inner edge of the flap meets the outer edge below it. These are the front legs.

Step 17:
Fold the other points downward and slightly to the outside to form the back legs.

Step 18:
Fold the frog in half at the midline, so the back legs are on top of the front legs. Make the fold where the front legs meet the base of the back legs. Crease firmly.
Step 19:
Fold again in the opposite direction, so the folded part is creased in half, so the top edge of the folded part meets the bottom edge. The paper will be thick with a lot of layers at this point, so you’ll need to use a lot of pressure to make the fold.
Step 20:
Turn the frog over and adjust the legs as needed to get it to sit right.

To make the frog hop, press down on the back end so the fold and the back legs are compressed. Keep pressing the edge and move your fingertip back slightly, allowing the fold to slip out from under it. As it releases, the frog will spring up and forward.


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