Inflatable Cube
This is the classic origami “balloon” many of us made in grade school – and then filled up at the drinking fountain to make water bombs.

Step 1:
Fold one corner across so the top edge aligns with the side and makes a triangular flap.
Step 2:
Unfold and repeat on the opposite corner.

Step 3:
Unfold, lay flat, and bring the bottom up, folding at the place where the diagonal creases meet the edges. This should form a square.

Step 4:
Fold in half, then unfold.

Fold in half the other direction, so there are two intersecting creases through the square.

Step 5:
Push the creases in toward the middle, press down and flatten to form a triangle.

Step 6:
Grasp one of the tips of the triangle, and bring the point of the flap up to the triangle’s peak, aligning it with the triangle’s outer edge. Press firmly. Repeat on the rest of the flaps until you have a diamond (i.e. square) shaped figure.


Step 7:
Fold the tips of the side flaps in toward the center and crease firmly.

Turn over and repeat.

Step 8:
Unfold the flap slightly and insert a finger into the open edge to form
a pocket. Grasp the top point at the end and fold downward, pushing the
tip inside the opening. Press flat. Repeat with the other flap.

Step 9:
Turn over and repeat tucking and folding the flaps on the other side. You should have a six-sided shape with a point at either end, one point closed and one point open.

Step 10:
Hold by the edges and pull apart slightly while blowing forcefully into the open end (point) of the balloon to inflate.


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