Crabby Crustacean
Fold this one with the kids the next time you rent The Little Mermaid or SpongeBob DVDs.
Step 1:
Fold on a diagonal from one corner so the short edge is aligned with the longer side. 

Unfold and repeat going the other direction.

Step 2:
Unfold and lay flat, then make a fold across at the points where the diagonal creases end. This should make a square.
Step 3:
Fold the corners of this flap down and inward, so the outside edges meets the bottom and the folded edges align with the diagonal creases.

Step 4:
Fold the square in half running parallel to the side flap. Unfold.

Step 5:
Push the side creases inward to make two triangles folded on each other accordion style.

Step 6:
Grasp the tip of one of the triangles. Pull it under (between the two triangle layers) and back, toward the apex of the triangle. Fold and repeat on the other point. These are the crab’s back legs.

Step 7:
Turn over and then fold the long edge of the triangle (all layers) over about inch or 1 cm.

Step 8:
Grasp one corner of the triangle and fold up and inward slightly.

Repeat on the other side. These are the front claws.

Step 9:
Turn over and pull the back and front claws away from the body slightly to get the crab standing.

Adjust legs as needed.


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