The fun way to recycle your NetFlix flaps
NetFlix tear-off flaps are sturdy, colorful, and perfect for origami and paper airplanes, so don't just toss those wrappers into the recycling bin.

Although most origami requires special paper squares, we have adapted these designs so you can use NetFlix flaps without alteration. Just tear them off carefully at the perforated line and follow our step-by-step instructions for making paper-folding magic.

Starched Shirt Elegant Swan
Save your dollar bill and fold this shirt with a NetFlix flap.
A cousin to the traditional flying origami crane.

Snack Tray Crabby Crustacean

Use this tray to hold your popcorn while you watch your DVD.

Rent The Little Mermaid and fold your own Sebastian the Crab.


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